Telemarketing is one of the most common forms of direct contact advertising in Australia, used by a wide range of businesses for their advertising and sales. Telemarketing is contact, via a telecommunications service, from an individual or organization whose aim is to supply, provide, advertise or promote goods and services. This includes contact by landline, mobile, SMS and fax.

Generally, our telemarketing activities are legitimate forms of customer contact, and like most businesses we obey the law.

Our main goal is to achieve an on-going working relationship by understanding our clients’ requirements and needs. The Chills Web & Business Solutions invests time getting to know your business and offers the tight communication of a genuine business partner.

We train and recruit only mature sales professionals with the assurance, flexibility and commitment to deliver quality outcomes for your business. Our carefully targeted marketing strategies ensure that your company’s message is heard in exactly the right places, every time. Whether pitching to boardrooms or residential customers, the telephone is a tool that allows us to engage directly with the market and speak intelligently about our client’s solutions.

We guarantee realistic expectations and actionable results.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

When comparing telemarketing agencies or lead generation companies, the single most important question is ‘do you guarantee KPI’s?

Target KPIs mean that if you conduct a telemarketing campaign, the agency guarantees to deliver a certain percentage of these contacts as leads. For example, if you are conducting a 400 contact campaign, our agency might guarantee 10%, or 40 leads. If we do not reach this target, will continue your campaign free of charge until the target has been reached.

Without KPIs, you might as well just gamble at the casino because you have no idea what your ROI will be. If you have Target KPI you can accurately estimate your ROI. Some other important criteria is:

  • Extra hours free when Target KPIs not reached – if the agency has KPIs, it’s important to know what happens when they are not met
  • Service Bundles – does the agency offer bundling and discounts on common services?
  • Telemarketing training manuals available – a great indication of whether there is a formal and rigorous training regime given to the telemarketers making your calls
  • Leads exclusive to you (not resold) – make sure the agency gives you a written guarantee that they will not sell leads generated through your campaigns for their profit. Why should they profit from your hard-earned money?
  • Telemarketer calls per hour – a good indication of how effective an agency’s telemarketers are, but only when combined with Target KPIs
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